Entry #1

Voice Acting?

2014-08-28 13:24:14 by TheBadkillVA

I want to start as a voice actor, but there are some problems.

1. Damn Compter fan can heard in the backround when using Audacity.

2. I can make silly voices, but when it need to be serious sometimes its hard.

Thats about it I have a good computer and a very good Microphone. 

Any suggestions?


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2014-08-28 13:43:25

I saw some of your youtube videos, You have a good voice for animations, I can imagine you getting into it, right now, I haven't had anything made that requires voice acting yet, but I may consider using you in the future, not sure when, but hopefully before the end of this year lol.

TheBadkillVA responds:

oh why thank you that means a lot to me ;)