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What happens when a group of friends get bored

2016-06-21 14:41:24 by TheBadkillVA

This is what you get.


Idea fuel: @TheBadkillVA

Creator: @retroarcademonkey

The Victim: @Gianni

Who was just there: @Kehny

Ps some projects are on the way!

He's Back

2016-02-25 11:04:03 by TheBadkillVA

I have thought about this so I'm bringing back an old series called "Michael's Mind" this was of course inspired by Freeman's Mind, but I made it a long time ago and killed it off, but since I have more time I'm gonna reboot it.



Starting up my abridge series

2016-01-28 16:02:47 by TheBadkillVA

Hello NG I know I haven't posted in a while I've been super busy with some project and also my YouTube Videos and speaking of that I am now going to make a abridge series of residnet evil 4 and its still kinda hard without a writer and a few female voice actors so won't be able to start the series without those things, but until then NG Stay Classy 


So I've had a couple of my friends hear my singing audio @Kehny, @RetroArcadeMonkey and @SirUndead (I guess but who cares I still love him) and they want me to do more Disney songs, but first I have to stop being a pansy and get over being sick and get to work on more audio if anybody has any recommendations let me know so I can add it to the list



So I went to work today and it was normal til 5 o'clock I was tying a bag when a piece of glass cut my finger all the way across my index finger so I had to run back into the store grabbed a band-aid and got back to work then I check facebook on my break to find out that my sister was getting married, but found out it was all a big f**king joke HAHA real funny (Not Really!) then I'm almost out of the store when a dog is running around inside I caught it a we call someone to take it, but no one did so long story short I ended up taking the dog home with me. guess this is a way for god to get a good laugh at me today what's next f**king Ninjas!


Hi NewGrounds just wanted to ask anyone seeing this post if they wanted to do a sing-a-long whether its fans, friends or even randoms doesn't matter to me I just feel like singing just tell me what song a we'll do please be sure to leave a comment and I'll send you a PM Thanks!

You can make Yu-Gi-Oh cards of whatever you want oh and also I've been on a project with CrabbWalker and with my YouTube video so I've been busy I'll maybe Upload another audio, but until then I'll see everyone later.                                               3603716_142554000592_ZoneTanCard.jpg

                                                        oh here is my Zone-Tan Yu-Gi-Oh Card.

Spammers and Pervs

2014-12-09 07:27:49 by TheBadkillVA

I woke up this morning a got a message thinking it was a person wanting me to be a VA for them, but this is what it was.3603716_141812800861_Perv.png

Hey Everyone I just got my T-Shirt design in today what do you think? Click Here To Shop!!!


Live Stream

2014-10-30 20:00:36 by TheBadkillVA

Live Stream of Randomness come see if you dare...